How Do I Find Band Members?

How does one gather quality headbangers and create music that will please the gods? Maybe you’re looking to start your first band. Or perhaps you’ve been in several bands that have failed over the years. Luckily we in Consinity have a some experience in this regard, changing members in an out of every instrument several times over ‘till we finally landed with the lineup we have now. Except for drums. Mark is a musical genius and a divine drummer who must never be questioned..


So chances are you’re a guitarist who likes to head bang and can write some pretty tasty riffs. Or perhaps you’re a singer who can either sing like the dark angels or screams with the fury of a god (some of you talented fucks can do both).

So where do you go? Some of the best places to go will be local shows and getting to know fellow metal heads. You could always join online FB groups, and look for locals on social media and just ask to jam or hang out with them. Other online resources could be like, which is where we found our bassist Jack. Craigslist is another idea, although we advise to proceed with caution, we have found some odd folks when looking for a guitarist in the past. An old fashion way would be to put up flyers around town at music shops. Walk in to your local guitar center/Sam ash and you will see TONS of these going around. JUST MAKE SURE YOU DON’T SOUND LIKE A CREEPER. No one likes that, just be cool dude.

So what are you actually supposed to look for in band members nowadays? Once upon a time you would just find some guys that could play and that was it. Well, things have changed since then.

First, don’t pick someone who just looks good. Yes, visuals is a big part of this business and it always helps to have members that are physically attractive but that can’t be the most important requirement. It’s nothing more than the icing on top. Just think about it, you got a good looking girl “singing” for your band, but man, live she can be really out of tune. Problem is in the studio all that shit is edited out and correct, but once you start playing some live shows, your band will get a bad rep(for the most part). To keep this fair, the same goes to a guy, just having your shirt off with a 6 pack is def not enough, he’ll be better off staying in the gym than being on the stage.

Next, picking musicians with really bad chops. Come on guys, just because you can’t find a decent bassist doesn’t mean you need to pick up any one just because bass is “easy”. Watch our bassist Jack in our videos, there’s more to bass than just playing the pocket. This isn’t to say you need virtuoso’s in your band, you just need people that can play and/or be shaped to the needs of the music. We have seen far too many bands where all the musicians are killing it and it’s clear the drummer is not on par with everyone else. Use some common sense here. FOR THE LOVE OF ZEUS MAKE SURE YOU AUDITION OR GET A SENSE IF THEY CAN PLAY. We were guilty of this once before that is a story for another day..

Moving on to what is most important in choosing band members, and not everyone will agree with us, but this is what we feel tends to work best..

You have to think of your band as a business.. I know, business is a dirty word when it comes to art, but lets be real folks, most of us want to kick the 9-5 and play our guitars every night while keeping the food on the table. Deal with it. Apart from banging at the drums or slapping the bass, you have to ask “what can this musician provide to THE BUSINESS?” With us in Consinity, some of us have got some business oriented skills like finance and marketing. Others of us are familiar with running a small business and have visual artistic talents. If you come across a fellow that is just decent at playing, but understands FB advertising, has a full professional camera setup, or can understand accounting.. hire the fucker. The more you have these guys in your band, the more value your band will create and the cheaper your road to success will be.

Next, and what can be arguably more valuable is dedication. Is this fool, in all their decent glory and lackluster appeal willing to show up to almost every band practice, throw down at every show, and willing to front cash for band expenses? Are they “ride or die”? If so, hire them too. We cannot express how important this is. We have had to fire guys in the past for this exact reason. Looking back at the band history, all of us who stayed through all the lineup changes are the ones who were the most dedicated through good and bad times.

This is not an exhaustive explanation, all sorts of bands get together for all sorts of reasons. Think about the realistic goals you want to accomplish, the work your willing to put in to make it happen and find like-minded individuals that can play and contribute to it. It may take cycling through some band members for a little while till you guys get it right, but when you do it will just click.

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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