Book Your Own Tour..?

Let’s start here, you’ve got some music out, built up a buzz and you get the wise idea to take your music on the road. Who doesn’t want that? Think about it, a bunch of people jamming along to the music you’ve worked so hard on.

So, how the hell do you start?

Well, option 1 you could do it yourself. Pick some cities, make a bunch of phone calls/emails yourself selling the music to these venues and promoters. Or, option 2, hire some lacky out of nowhere who claims to have experience booking tours for big bands for a couple hundred bucks. He’ll setup a better route than you, hit up better venues and find some really cool bands for you to play with. Kind of feels like an all inclusive vacation huh? So which do you pick?

Always take option 2. You’re the rockstar with an album out, no need to waste your time with that nonsense.

So you decide to hire this guy. Every so often he gives you an “update” on the progress he’s made for your tour. Eventually, a couple of months go by and each member has their time off work scheduled, their finances in order, and with only a week before leaving your band is hard at work in the studio jamming over an over. Everything is going to be killer, gotta love it when a plan comes together.

Time to check in with the booking agent and see how the last dates that were missing are doing.


No response from the guy. You call, text, email and no luck. This guy is no where to be found.

You reach out to the venues next, just to make sure everything’s locked in. Then you’re feeling pretty fucked. So what do you do now? Naturally, You and your singer hit the internet hard to find venues, bands, promoters and have the whole tour booked yourselves with better pay than your promoter guaranteed. Crazy what some fire under your ass will do to you.

Well fuck, looks you should have taken option 1. My bad. Lesson learned. Never trust shady internet fools who show up out of nowhere looking for your money.

Looking back though, the tour was pretty damn awesome. And now you can’t wait to hit the road again.

Anyone have a similar experience heading out on tour? Let us know!

#tour #musician

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