Consinity : 


The name Consinity means "the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of different parts", and this description of the modern metal powerhouse could not be more fitting. 


Consinity is made up of 5 guys with a lot of heart, a lot of talent, and an untameable obsession for expressing themselves through music. From their killer singles to their amazing albums. This Band strikes deep into the Apertrue of life.

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Beau Brady

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Beau Brady was a natural showman from an early age. He began singing and rapping at the age of nine with an interest in a wide range of bands, such as the Beastie Boys, NWA, Collective Soul, Nirvana, and Metallica. During the last 10 years Beau has shared the stage with many iconic rock acts. Beau is influenced by singers like David Draiman, Chris Cornell, Sully Erna, and Layne Staley, and has developed the ability to integrate a wide variety of vocal styles.